AEG L7WEE965R Washer Dryers


 2Years Warranty

  • 60-minute programme
  • AEG's DualSense technology
  • Featuring a Woolmark Bue Certification

  • Capacity : 9 KG
  • Spin Speed : 1600 RPM
  • Colour : White
  • Fitting Type : Free Standing
  • Height 85 cm
  • Width 60 cm
  • Depth 63 cm

AEG L7WEE965R Washer Dryers

Top features:

- Keep your clothes protected from excessive washing and drying

- Temperature adapts to your fabrics for better care

- Make ironing easier with a built-in steam function

- Woolmark Blue accredited for hand wash only items

Keep your clothes protected

Designed to take the utmost care of your clothes, the AEG L7WEE965R 9 kg Washer Dryer protects your garments from wear and tear caused by excessive washing and drying.

AEG's ProSense technology uses sensors that adjust cycle times to avoid over washing and over drying, while weight sensors sound an alarm if the machine has been overloaded before the drying cycle begins.

Temperature adapts to your fabrics

DualSense technology adapts the temperature inside the washer dryer for different types of fabrics. This ensures each garment, from delicates to outdoor wear retains its shape. Tailored outdoor cycles protect special fabrics, and restores their water repellent qualities better than outdoor air drying.

Make ironing easier

Refresh your clothes with a built-in steam function that also reduces creases to cut down your ironing time.

Woolmark Blue accredited

AEG washer dryers have been given the Woolmark Blue accreditation for the wash and dry cycle. This means even your hand wash only woollens are cared for from start to finish.